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All Get Out would like to thank: Erica Hussey for all of her support, Favorite Gentlemen Recordings, Bad Timing Records, Kenny McWilliams and his kind family, Zack Zarrillo, Thomas Nassiff, Andy Hull, Zach Cepin, all of our patient fans, all of our impatient fans, all of our families, and Kurt.

Nathan Hussey: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys
Daniel Gleason: Guitar, Keys
Josh Kean: Drums, Percussion


released April 14, 2015

Recorded at Archer Avenue Studio and Little Amp Band Studio Engineered by Kenny McWilliams and Nathan Hussey
All songs written and produced by All Get Out
Mixed by Kenny McWilliams (Archer Avenue Studio)
Mastered by Jesse Cannon
Artwork and Photos by Brian Manley (Fun With Robots Design Co.)



all rights reserved


All Get Out South Carolina


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Track Name: Sans
Babel knows language
Knows strong words, weak sin
This is all determined by the bedroom
I sleep in
I am not figure a of speach, just speaking Hold on, love on, hold on

Walk it on down the river Jordan
Hold your breath hide, they’re coming running.
Move your legs fast don’t stop, start gunning Move on run on love on

Evil men, good girls, late nights, bad fights Let your talent buy you everything
People’s ears don’t make you near or closer to God
Or me

It’s alright.

If you’re looking for the end of the world Then I found it
Sleeping on a floor just like we promised This can be a well with an empty bucket Not always what you deserve

So write the letter, burn the letter, write yourself another
Angry at God then call your mother She’ll provide the proof you’re going to grow dear brothers
Love and love and love and love on
Sitting in the backseat Still sitting in the backseat

No more writing from my head, my head My worn out head.
I think about you all day, this is all the holiday I know
I know It’s not worth complaining
but it’s always only in your bad dreams

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry
I’m lonely, I’m lonely, and there’s nothing you owe me.
Track Name: Orchestra
Down to providence through blinking lights Man I watched you try
You watched me try
Serving brothers until the day lets up
Yeah we’re actually here
This is actually your father’s house

Made fun of your rationale
All that youthful drilling and I’m sorry now Logistically it’s fleeting, you were all about my dealing.

Running at the same pace, I bled an orchestra Joining at the same place, the mouth was open there
Wash into same stream, We’ll meet again before we fall into the same stream
Back to the womb we’ll sleep it off.

Making plans for our children’s birth
Now our bodies searching for their perfect match
X and Y and the reason we try
Little tiny babies carry ancient legacy

Made love on all the holy ground
You know the forest talks shop nearly all night long
Logistically it’s fleeting, you were all about my dealing.

No one is waiting so what are you saying A
ll of your families are praying to someone They’re asking for loved ones to see
Track Name: Balance
Standing still
I dropped a quarter in your wishing well Echoed back
I don’t want to feel this, I don’t want to feel that I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to be that

Lover you love me Everybody know it’s true I get self involved
I don’t know if I’m well

You pull your weight in burden
Both your hands are hurting
Are you coming home this year, next week Burn the pastors kids and find a new lament Make a home to bury pointless dreams
Just don’t...don’t let go.

Come on, I love you
Come on, I love you
Georgia bound
All you bastards just making me look bad I’m starving now, and I don’t know if I’m well Hold on
Track Name: Movement
I was flirting I was breaking a bone You couldn’t help me, you didn’t know I was angry with my head in my knees I tried once to pray, I forgot to believe I was sad, I was mad
I found it hard to conceive
Couldn’t birth another doctrine Couldn’t plant another seed but I...

I didn’t break it, it just fell

A fading light led me out of the dark Like a ghost in my past or a man in my yard
Wrote a note because I was bothered and floored
Low are the cries but man they’ve been here before
Don’t be scared, love your fear
Be a man for a year
Naked is humble
Take off all of the shame just be here

I didn’t break it, I didn’t ever know it could
I didn’t break it, it just fell

You know it all by movement, you know those washed out foot prints

What exactly are you waiting for Hoping all of this would open doors Make it’s way through the corridor
Show them what all of the movements for

I make a call it’s because I feel that its right
And I owe nobody here a simple word past tonight
No excuse, no demand, no explanation of men
Why I do what I do
Why I call it a plan
Hold your breath and bite your tongue until there’s blood in your mouth
Then spit what you’ve earned onto the cleanest of ground
Don’t ask me, don’t tell me what we already know
My simplest of answers is a God damned no

I didn’t break it, I didn’t ever know I could
I didn’t break it, it just fell
Track Name: All My Friends Are Dead
I burned a list of books to be banned Fever came sweat, then on came the fan Health in my work with each dirty word I sold my soul to your prayers
Now I’ve got...

I’ve got time to kill
All my work is done
Why’s their red, what spilled, they’re all dead

I crossed my heart when pledging my wife If ever I’d fail then I’d hope to die
She kissed my forehead and laid me goodnight
Said “Darling you’re always mine” Now I’ve got it

I’ve got time to kill, all my work is done Why’s their red, whats spilled, all my friends are dead
Lets rewind a bit
My success was legit
Small but what a flight
Daddies demons dead tonight

A short courtship makes a long term marriage
Passive pets and then a baby carriage
It’s not the dollar it’s the principle of working There’s no market I can find deserving
From now on I write only when I want to
I speak to God in the language I choose to I understand all of the repercussions
But nobody gonna touch my work again

Won’t you wait with me
Come name the family tree with me Birth the kingdom full
Turn our lust to love to gold
Burn our wasted dreams
Settle down to Folly Beach
Spin my wedding ring
Just thinking about the way we sleep