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The Season

by All Get Out

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My Friends 03:13
My friends don't cry, they tuck it in and then they drink at night. My friends won't die, they walk it off until it's all alright…they walk. My pride sure shies, it hides itself inside a hole at night. But my friend, I don't lie, I 'll make you feel like it's the end of your life if I have to. God damn I want to. It would take my life to test the waters that you're swimming in so this is the end. It's where you die. It's where I want you to be. You're dead. Four-day friends, wishing you were coming home. So go on, go back and find yourself or find out who you want to be. To live, and laugh, and love, and sing, and cry…just keep it away (from me) I don't think myself to sleep each I lay down I just sleep To God I promise, sweet God I promise that I'm going to call you and tell you how much better off I am.
I found you holding a nail and a fragile piece of paper. What a lovely plot, nail it to a door. Two years later with a bag and a bowl. What a firm grip. Whats true to you? You found me holding a record sending calls to your hand "Let me speak to someone sitting close" Two years later with the cancer in my heart. What a self-righteous act of youth. I hope you(we) figure this out. There's blood on our shoes and we love this room. Our brothers hands on our heads, a warm touch and an honest prayer.
You really do always want more. Out on the road all I want is a home. Then David spoke about my future. You lucky bastard with a beautiful wife, she's mine. I was born for a few reasons. To love my neighbor more than he loves his life Got to say that it was easy. That sad old man committed suicide last night. I really do always wan't more. Out on the road all I want is a warm home. Then David spoke about my future to me. Winners don't quit, keep your eye on the finish line. I was born for a few reasons. I love my neighbor more than he loves his wife. Got to say that it was easy for me. That sad old man well she killed him last night. I got another reason…I want to go home This city's fucking cold and I want to go home. I'm feeling co-dependent, I miss my baby girl.
Everything is subject to change. There are the chances and the place I might rearrange Every feeling, every thought I've ever had. So come on throw it, make it count, kill me quick, kill me now. Kill me now. Everything still feels the same. It has it's moments but the basics are always in place. Every drive, every marker that I've seen Proves the distance, my existence is to be a slave to you. To you, what about me? We've been driving fast Driving fast for a long time. When you think it's going to break it just bends. The back nine is two years away. This is the chance that we all gave. Somewhere I've got a brother that I've never seen. I really think I'd like to meet him and teach him the meaning Of staying indoors. So please just stay bored and give me your wallet. What about me, how about you?
Son Of Mine 03:36
Shaking, sweating, bending, I'm breaking Your habits. They die so hard. Good morning, good evening. It's dark all the time are you still believing in me. Please believe me. I can so drive this home. I feel this in my bones. In my arms and legs. I bet I can drive you home. Fight them off, the ladies in white. Go away, this better end tonight. This is blinding, bright white lighting. Please let me go home if it still exist. If it can be found I'll start making my list Of things to change. Hell I could rearrange. The words I already said Before I was dead. To the world, to your god. To the needs in my head. I can so drive this home. I feel it in my bones. In my arms and legs. In the middle of my chest. I bet I can drive you home. I'm sorry dear son of mine. This is how it ends and it's not quite right Or fair to you. I still loved you.
I am simple, I am honestly bland. I am the leader of a few good men. I am buried in another's yoke. I am calm, only my failures make me choke. My retribution for my sin was to hand. Handing over all my lovers intent. A man of work has no time to share. His heart embossed on his calloused feet and hands and hair. I found comfort on the page of a psalm. Close your mouth boy just hum along. I was born in that reproach. Don't speak hate so I spoke with yes and no's. I loved the way the children always ask why. Call and return, maybe to pass the time. So I was wrong in my approach. Be a child for as far as you can go. If not your place to speak then don't waste your voice. It's not your right to ask and hell it's not your choice. If I wanted to come back then what did I learn here. There are things you cannot see and things I cannot be to anyone. Nothing is sweeter than the fruit that holds tight. Tight through the wind and all the creatures at night. But I love the fallen seeds. Premature and always in some kind of need.
Girl, Gun 03:09
You sure got a wonderful way of turning things over And bettering yourself. You sure got it all mapped out And nothing but truth pours out of your pretty little mouth. You told me I should blame who I want. Thats quite harsh. You're a lying bitch at heart. I'm sorry for the second man on his second turn. I know he can feel these burns. History seems to repeat itself. Welcome to Hell. We've missed you while you were gone. I'm not afraid to tell you how it is. Good luck with your girl. Here's my gun. There's her ghost. You sure had a wonderful way of turning me over And numbering my days. You sure got it all mapped out And nothing but truth pours from your pretty little mouth.
The Season 03:35
I saw a bridge it pieced together two unlikely hearts. I thought it must have been illusions or a dream of mine. My narrow mind, my fragile heart exploded in my chest. I've seen this beautiful season it's just not repeating. Dollar neglect I'd leave my friends and every love of mine. Forget this house, this piece of shit. It's just not worth my time. Money's just money honey it's just money. I've seen some wonderful reasons it's just not quite the season. I felt a calm, it breath some rest into my brothers lungs. I hope they held it in and felt the peace that I was given. My restless heart, my wandering mind imploded in my head. I feel this patient composure just waiting on some closure. Tired connect I give my sleep and every word of mine. I blame this building you just bring me back here every time. Morning it's morning brothers, hey good morning. I feel we've had us some closure lets just keep up composure. I'm feeling like I'm going to die. Don't want to go, don't want to go, don't want to leave the south. Shut the door, shut the door…can't see me now. Fall back, fall back, don't leave me out. I felt a hand leave my hand, it covered up my mouth. You were a violent crash and I felt the earth shake You sudden impact, Oh God I need a new way. Burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it, let it burn. Hate it, hate it, love it, hate, God you know I love to hate it. Breathe, breathe, breathe, you got to let it in. I bare this same heavy cross, don't count it as my loss.
Let Me Go 06:17
You were sitting in your bed. You're grinning from ear to ear. I can smell the evening, somethings seem pleasing to you, only you. I was waiting up for you. I worried about you. I put them to bed, they missed their dad. Just where in Hell were you. The first step is always truth. Thats my first suggestion to you. I can do my best if you'd get some rest. Then you tell me just what you do. I want to help you. I want to bring you back to life, but your sad sick brain knows one damn thing. And god it comes out every night. Don't let me go. Your choices, they're hard to make. You make this harder everyday. I'm sure I'm leaving, no more deceiving, or fumbling for word to say. I gave you everything I had. I loved you till the death. That hearts going to beat, you're able to breathe, but surely you're dead to me. Those shivers and shakes your body makes aren't going to go away. Thats the price you pay for the games you've played. Nothings going to change. I can't help you. I can't bring you back to life. You can find your help from someone else who's there and who has the time. Don't let me go. You try to get dressed and you put your shoes on. Lets get to the car and lets make this right. The drive is short, but it sure feels long. Thats just how it is when you're leaving home. This isn't the end of your life. It's more like a pause and soon a start. You'll be back on your feet again in no time. If you're not with me then to Hell, I'm not fine. I tried convincing God to change you. We had it out and he said no. He said a choice is a choice then he said you made it. He'd help you along but God why is nothing free? You filled me up with hope God I've used it. I've used it all on you can't you see it? There comes a time when you choose for another. So I'm making this choice for the three that we've made. Do you remember, you and me? Just let me go.
Found you kneeling pale and weak. Half your body lie in the creek Where you've been washing your hands at night. Did you think that there was no one around? You used to be a still small sound. I think you've followed some bad advice. Did a dark man take you down To where the rivers end to make a mouth? Drink this child and you'll be alright. You only follow when the path is lit After mixing up the dirt with spit. You've been fixing a hole in a broken bridge. Save all your words, write them down, and burn them they're not profound. Oh my God, you are weak, you are a fragile little lamb. Are you lost? Where's your flock, where's the old man, the Shepard the clock. Love, I still do, probably always. You will find me in a flooded ditch hiding from The storm. I am drowning in my own escape. Is this real? I am waiting. I am waiting for you to save me. Damn. You are not coming back. You are a season come and gone. You are vain. You are helpless. You are never looking back for these eyes. They were fixed. Like a picture, like it's frame, they were never intended to leave. Heartless you have faith in a sign on a dollar bill. It's not real. It's a fix from a needle. That doctor doesn't care. Here's your drug, where's you're arm? Is it warm, does it feel like you Thought it would.


released September 20, 2011

Favorite Gentlemen Recordings
Bad Timing Records


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All Get Out South Carolina


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